The best way to help small business take the vital step into the working from anywhere model is to submit your experiences. This website relies on business and individuals to provide the information about how they constructed the distributed work force model. Your knowledge is INVALUABLE. If you wish to help and contribute information please do! We would love to hear from you. We will be adding business case studies soon, if you have experience in the work from anywhere business sector, or a case study to share please contact us anytime.


This business produces wholesale marketing and promotional items, these include customised badges, key rings, medallions and cuff links just to name a few. The business differs from the standard working in the factory model by using remote access technologies to allow the administration work to be done from any location.

By implementing web based remote access software solutions, Master Cast can mange the admin and production of their huge range of custom promotional items. It also allows the manufacture of items in multiple locations which allows them to produce commercial orders of the solid cast metal badges, belt buckles and more.

Master Cast are an Australian based company that have utilised some of this latest technology to allow worldwide distribution of their promotional goods, and has provided the mechanism to great success of their custom beer badges and custom belt buckles In the global market.


This business sells gift hampers online in Australia. The entire business is run from an at home model and it successfully produces gift baskets and custom hampers to distribute nationally around Australia.

By eliminating the shop front concept and simply selling through the web based gift hampers website, Tasmanian Gourmet Gift Hampers Australia have successfully setup a work from anywhere model. They utilise systems to allow the picking and packing and dispatch of the food and wine gift baskets from anywhere (using an ipad). They have found that the systems in place even cope with the busy Christmas Gift Hampers period.